The Beginning of a New Era

Way back when we had our first round of littles in the house, I set aside a portion of a lower kitchen cabinet for bowls, measuring cups and spoons that were just for them.   Those tools saw much playing time.  And the children had a big time with all of it...especially when they realized the bowls could double as hats:

July 2007 - Daniel (2), Elisabeth (4), Noah (3)...Daniel had only been home a few weeks
Those kitchen tools/toys have stayed in that same spot in the back of the cabinet ever since then, but they haven't been used in quite a while now.

Until...a few nights ago.

Jas and I had some stuff to do in the kitchen after we put the oldest four to bed.  And G was hanging with us, so it finally occurred to me to sit him on the floor with those tools.

And he had a big time.

He studied all of it.

And banged all of it together.

And he did all of that for at least 15 minutes before it occurred to me to get my camera out to record this.

The funny thing to me was that in that first 15 minutes, I don't believe he ever once smiled.  He was very intent, and obviously interested and having a good time...but he wasn't smiling.

But when I got the camera out and pointed it at him for the first time, he instantly did this:

I do believe the boy is used to having his picture taken.



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