Day 9 with Elisabeth - Re-post from 8 Years Ago Today

Today we all got to go shopping – YEAH! Dad and Granny Linda did some shopping near the hotel. Mom, Gran Gran Beth and Elisabeth went with several of the other Moms and babies (and two Chinese guides, very important!) to the local wholesale shops. Many baby clothes are manufactured here in China, so there are GREAT deals to be had on Gap, Gymboree, Osh Kosh, Carters, Polo, etc. We're sure this was the first of many fun Elisabeth, Mom and Gran Gran girly shopping trips!

Then, while Elisabeth took an afternoon nap (and Granny Linda stayed with her), Mom and Dad went out and did some last minute shopping. One of our last purchases was a new, large suitcase (only cost $16!) to bring home all of our other new stuff! While out on this last excursion, we ran into two of the other families in our group, toting THEIR own brand new suitcases!

The last bit of official business we had to take care of today was to pick up Elisabeth's passport with her visa – now we're all ready to come home! After all the girls got their visas, we all met down at THE red couch here in the lobby of the White Swan. (It is tradition for every travel group to take a group picture of their girls together on the red couch.) Since Elisabeth still won't let Mom put her down (high chair and car seat should be interesting when we get home!), Mom got to be in the picture too (but a few other Moms are in it too – so I didn't feel too bad). We then had one last group dinner together at a local restaurant, Lucy's (they serve Chinese, Mexican, American, you name it…). And then it was back to the hotel to pack – a job which Dad is just finishing up right now (at 10:05 p.m.). We have to leave the hotel at 6 a.m. in the morning, and just 30 short hours later (ha!) we should be arriving home!

This "journey" to our new daughter has been such a wonderful, amazing process and the Lord has taught us so much through it. We thank and praise Him for placing the desire to adopt from China on
our hearts, providing the resources needed to adopt, and seeing us through the process every little step of the way. We give Him all the glory for every good thing in our lives. And we thank all you,
our precious family and friends, for the vital part that you have played in this process. Your support, encouragement, and most of all, your prayer support, have been invaluable.

We will see you all soon. We can't wait until you all get to meet our precious daughter in person!

Inside the beautiful White Swan hotel

Playing with Daddy

Elisabeth and her "China Sisters" from her orphanage

Our family "Red Couch" photo

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