THIS Is What It Should Be Like

Gabriel is ***this*** close to being able to sit up by himself.  What you can't see in this series of photos is that his big brother Noah is just out of the frame, on the ready to grab G if he starts to lean too far one way or the other...which he invariably does.

But it won't be long at all before he will be able sit up by himself, without worry of toppling over.  And he's right on target for achieving this milestone.

And he's started pulling his precious little legs up under him when he's having "tummy-time"...and it looks like it won't be too terribly much longer before he starts crawling.

It is so fun to watch Gabriel learn and try new things...and he has 6 adoring fans always watching and cheering him on, waiting with bated breath to see just what he will do next.

And I should simply relish all of this.  I know that.  I should just relish the amazing-ness that is Gabriel.  The amazing-ness that is my 4 older children doting on their baby brother.

But I analyze.  Over-analyze at times.  I think.  And re-think.  And over-think.

I'm not trying to be maudlin, but honestly what I've been thinking lately as I watch Gabriel and his development is this:  THIS is what every child should have.  THIS is the way it should be:  An adoring mother and father - and perhaps some siblings already - who adore you and delight in you.  Who help you achieve milestones...and cheer when you do.

And what I know is this:  Though Elisabeth and Noah were 13 months and 20 months respectively at adoption...neither of them were walking.  In fact, neither of them were even crawling.  Both of them were barely even able to sit up by themselves.

And that?  Makes me ache.  For them...and for the over 147 million orphans around the world who don't have the adoring mother and father - and siblings - to love them and cheer them on, because I'm convinced that this....

...is what the Lord intended it should be like.


  1. He is soooo totally adorable.
    I think he is the cutest baby around!
    Wish I could squeeze him in person!

  2. I just want to nibble on those toes!
    Oh my, how often I ponder.....how desperately children need families.
    This is what it should look like.



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