I AM Smart

I am a smart gal.  I am.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my undergrad in Finance.  And then went on to get my MBA from the University of Colorado.

Bear with me.  You'll understand why I feel the need to rehearse my accomplishments in a moment...

I encourage the children in their respect for their daddy...in his intellect and his abilities.  An oft-heard refrain at our house - from the kiddos and myself - is "Let's ask daddy..." and "Daddy can fix that!"

I've apparently done a really great job in instilling in the children a confidence in Jas' abilities.

During afternoon rest-time Noah brought a book to me that he was reading.  He asked me to explain something that the book mentioned.

I **thought** I did an excellent job of explaining the answer to him over the next minute or so.

Noah's response:
"Hmmmmm....well, maybe Daddy can explain it to me better.  Probably."

Maybe Jas should be the one homeschooling the kids...and I'll go back to work.


  1. Somehow, we seem to lose some brain cells along the way???

  2. haha
    That Noah! He's so funny. I can just see his lil face and hear his voice saying that.

    You will receive great jewels in that crown for lifting up your hubby to your children!

    miss u



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