Girlie Curly Fun

Elisabeth is unabashedly our girlie girl.  She wears skirts many days.  She asked yesterday to wear pearl and rhinestone dangly earrings to church.  (I didn't let her, btw)  She asked if she could wear a (fancy) dress to our first night of VBS tonight. (I said "no", btw)

But sometimes she asks for things that I can indulge her in...like "curls".

At least, I hoped I could indulge her in curls.  Her beautiful black hair is so, so straight that I wasn't sure if this was going to work.  But I remembered seeing info about doing rag curling here, so we gave it a shot.

The site I referenced above gives great step-by-step instructions, so I won't repeat them here...I'll just show our fun during and after pictures!

It didn't take as long as I'd feared to put these in...only about 20 minutes.

We did not care for the results with Elisabeth's hair down...but once we pulled it back...

...we both loved it!

By late afternoon, the curls had relaxed enough that Elisabeth could wear her hair down...without looking like Shirley Temple, that is.

And on the next day, the curls had relaxed even more and were just a beautiful, beautiful wave.  This was definitely a success!

AND, if our sweet, precious, darling little Elisabeth - who is renowned for leaving her stuff all. over. the. blessed. house. - had not had her "curlers" confiscated and thrown in the trash for leaving them around...we would have been able to repeat this again soon!  But that is a whole other post....(sigh)

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  1. First...I didn't think she could get any more adorable but evidently she can - VERY pretty!

    Second...I'm glad I'm not the only one throwing children's "treasures" in the trash. ;)



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