"Come To Me..."

So very many people in our intimate circle are dealing with heavy burdens right now.  Everywhere I turn - seemingly every conversation I have  - I learn of new, difficult challenges.  Marital troubles, mental illness, financial troubles, health problems - minor and very major....and the list goes on...

And I've been feeling very burdened.  Down. Extremely...extremely burdened.

As I type that I realize the utter nonsense.  I have no control over those things...they are not mine to control.

But I try to.  And I've been in knots over these many situations.

And then...the Lord got my attention last night, through one of my precious children.

One of my children came tiptoeing into my bedroom last night - an hour after bedtime.  Tears spilling onto cheeks.  A worry...a very big anxiety.  About something, I learned, they've been worried about for months.  About something that **I** know doesn't need to be worried about.

And as we talked, I reassured this precious one how we would deal with this concern.

Oh, it made me so sad to know the worry that this child had needlessly taken upon them self!  And, I implored this little one to come to me and daddy in the future, just as soon as they're tempted to be worried about something.

Worry, I told this child, isn't something they need to carry...and certainly not at this age.  Let us help, let us carry the burden.

"When I'm 20 will I carry it by myself?"

And it hit me.  And I answered the child - speaking just as much to myself:  Even then...even at 20 (even at 30, 40,....) we are not supposed to carry burdens.

And as I verbally prayed for and over this child of mine...I got it.  Thank you, Lord - I got it.

Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.  (Matthew 11:28)

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  1. Oh, our precious Father! Praising Him with you, dear friend! Praying or you all!



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