8 lbs 2 oz

I cannot tell how much Gabriel is taking in now that he's nursing. He has certainly appeared satisfied (meaning he's not been fussy or discontent)...and we've been counting the number of wet diapers he has in a day.


I needed a number. I'm a numbers gal and I wanted to know what his current number (read: weight) is. Just to make sure that he is in fact getting what he needs nutritionally. So the 6 of us headed to our local health department today to get Mr. Gabriel weighed.

Last Tuesday he was 7 lb 13oz. Today he was...drumroll, please...8 lb 2 oz! WOOHOO!

Boy was this mama glad to see those beautiful numbers!

As I talked with the nurse manager at the health department (a young woman a few years younger than me, happens to be a distant cousin) it came up that I'm breastfeeding Gabriel. With a smile of wonderment on her face, she said, "SHUT. UP!"

At least she meant it in the nicest possible way. That was the most interesting response I've received to-date...


  1. I'm sure you will get a lot of interesting responses :) Glad this one was a fun one!!!

    Yay for the weight gain! Love the new header photo!!!

  2. I literally "Laughed Out Loud!" That's a good one!! Glad I didn't have anything in my mouth or I mighta spewed it! Thanks for sharing!!



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