How We Celebrated Our 6th "Noah Day"

Monday was our precious guy's Big day...and here is how we celebrated him - ALL DAY!

Daddy hung around that morning (instead of heading to work at 6 or 6:30 like he normally does), so that he could see Noah...

...and get some Noah-sugar, of course.

And we wanted to all be together when Noah opened his Adoption Day present. (Yes, this came from the (large) stash of gifts that we purchased last year during LK's trip, that we'll give to each of them on their special days until they turn 18.)

I was so proud of my big guy when he opened his present...he acted so pleasantly surprised and thankful, even though it was only a Harmony Ball (or "Happy Family" ball) carved out of sandalwood (it sure does smell good!).

The gifts are not toys...but neat things that reflect their first home country: embroidery, small paintings, tea cups, etc. It was neat to see him so appreciative of this gift, even though it wasn't a "toy"!

Then we had a normal school morning. LK was quite offended - on Noah's behalf - that we had to do school on such a momentous occasion. The nerve of mama!

Lao Lao took us to CFA for lunch to celebrate Noah..but this bad mama forgot to bring the camera!

And then our big guy got to choose where the 6 of us went to supper, and this adventurous guy - when given all our (not-so-many) local options, chose.....(drumroll, please)...


He wanted to play on the big outside playground!

And who could blame him? They certainly did have fun.

And then it was time to head home and have some yummy homemade ice cream while watching an episode of our newest favorite TV show (an oldie-but-goodie) on Netflix.

And to top off the big day, we played Noah's choice of a game...Crazy Old Fish War.
A fun little card game that combines elements of four different games. Noah loves it!

We had a great day. It's so neat to see how special the child we're celebrating feels...and how excited the other three feel for that child. LK told everyone who'd listen about Noah Day, before and after the actual day. Now that is enough to make this mama smile!

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