"Our" Business Trip

We have some very important business to take care of...in Destin, Florida.

Daddy has a conference to attend. And we have some serious swimming and beaching to attend to.

We're leaving...right now, in fact!

When Jas told me a couple weeks ago that he was going to attend this conference - and where it was - I asked (begged/cajoled) if we could come with him.

He said, "Well, let me check my itinerary and see how much time I'd have available to spend with y'all."

Oh, no, no...

You see, as I explained to him, seeing him would be very nice...but not a requirement. I just wanted us to get to go to Destin. We've never been before...and this is a major vacation destination!

So, we're all off - right now!

BTW, Jas ended up saying "yes", that we could come with him!

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