Miscellany Monday: August 15, 2011

What's been happening in our crazy world this past week?

I'm so glad you asked!


Papa and Laolao are having a dock built at the pond out on their farm.

I want to take "progress" pictures as it is built. Here is the first installment:

And the second time we visited, they'd completed ALOT more, but I forgot to get another "progress" picture (I've got short-term memory problems - maybe I should blame that on my medicine also), but I did get these pics of the kids feeding the fish, and standing close enough to the unfinished edge of the dock to scare the pants off their mama!

(LK gets very into throwing the fish food, if you can't tell.)

And here is daddy posing pretty...and trying to scare the pants off me also:


My friend Amy and I loaded up our 6 kiddos and headed out in the Silver Bullet. We drove 261 miles roundtrip in one day.

WHY would we do that?

To go see this precious friend, Heather:

Heather and her family (5 kiddos) were in our homeschool group and lived right here around the corner from me, in between me and Amy. And then last year they had the nerve to go and move! *gasp*

It was time to go and get us some lovin' from the B Family...

...and we had a great time!


Don't you wish you looked this cool?

Well, if you go to the ophthalmologist and get your eyes dilated, he may give you super-cool glasses also.

I took all four of the chitlins to the "eye doctor" recently.

I took these two one afternoon:

And then these two at the exact same time the next afternoon:

(This is how you survive 3 hours at the doctor's office - cars, cars, and more cars!)

3 hours at a doctor's office, two afternoons in a row - not fun! Next time, as much fun as it might prove to be, I'm scheduling them ALL for one l o n g afternoon together. It will still work out to less total time in the doctor's office. (I've already got these appointments set up...for two years from now!)

No one needs glasses. YAY! Laoli and I really thought that Noah might need them, because he seems to hold his books so close while he's reading, but thankfully he's fine!

Noah does have a follow-up appointment in 6 weeks, though. The pressure in his eyes was higher than it should be. This could easily be explained by him being nervous and squinting some as the nurse put the instrument right on his eyeball...but the doctor wants to re-check it just to be sure.


Can you tell what this is?

This would be the 3rd broken hearing aid since Daniel started with aids last March.


Not again!

Yes, again.

Here's what happened, in Daniel's own words: "Elisabeth accidentally made LK squeeze my ear and then broke it. And I tried to say "Please get off of me," but LK didn't get off of me cause I kept saying "OWWW!" But she wouldn't get off of me, That's all."

Yes, the children were apparently having wrestle-mania IV back in the girls' room, LK fell on top of Daniel and broke his aid, while it was still in his ear. OUCH! Although that sounds to me like it would hurt like the dickens, there was no blood, and no tears - thankfully!


And another highlight from our week, was a visit from our sweet friend, Abby, and her precious mother, Mrs. Carol.

Abby is home from her 6 months in China.

My kiddos were just a little excited to see Abby.

Just a little.

In case you can't tell.

After spending the last 6 months of her life in China, changing the world for the people she met and for the orphans she loved on...Abby has the task of coming back home and finishing up her senior year of college.

We love you, Abby - and we can't wait to see what the Lord will do with your life that is so yielded to Him!

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