The Breastfeeding Chronicles: Getting Started on the Protocol

Disclaimer: If you get squeamish talking about bodily things...you may want to stop here. OR, if you are my brother (Hey, Jeff!)...you may want to stop here. Seriously.

It's been 8 weeks since I started on the medicine to induce lactation. (I talked about our reasoning for wanting to breastfeed our adopted son HERE.)

So how is it going?

Fine. I really can't tell too much difference.

Well, except...I'm bigger.


Well, where do you think?

It wouldn't be terribly noticeable to anyone (besides Jas and I)...except when I wear a bathing suit. In fact, when we went swimming with some friends a few weeks ago we started talking about my attempting adoptive breastfeeding and she said, "Well, I thought your cleavage looked bigger than normal!"

I. almost. kissed. her.

Now, if you're one of my friends IRL (in-real-life) don't go staring at my chest next time we see each other!

It only took 3 days (yes, 3 days!) for the medicine to have this, ahem...effect. We had actually just arrived in Colorado and were trying to go to sleep that first night. I was having trouble falling asleep in a new place, and all of a sudden I thought with a start: I wonder if I can tell a difference yet.

YES! I could!

WOOHOO! The medicine was working! Praise You, Lord!

Could I keep the good news to myself?

Oh, no. I could not.

So I elbowed Jas and woke him up.

It really was great news that the medicine was noticeably working like that. If it had not...I would have needed to change the doseage of my medicine.

I'm taking two medicines right now. One of them is once a day (easy to remember), one of them is 4 times a day (not so easy to remember). My phone's max of 3 alarms are already all taken up with Lily Kay's 3x a day medicine - so this mommy-brain is having to work hard to accomplish this!

And now? I just keep on keeping on like this...ideally for at least 4 more months.

(To read more info about adoptive breastfeeding, click HERE.)

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  1. You do realize you are now going to have to chronicle this entire journey. I hope it's OK..but it really makes me giggle. I thought WE were getting the odd looks in public.

    Blessings, Jennifer



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