Love. This.

My dear friend Amy sent me an urgent sounding e-mail with the simple subject line: "You need to read this..."

And I'm so glad she did.

It was a post by a mama named Shelly that we had a chance to hear speak at the Adoptive Moms' Retreat that Amy and I were so blessed to attend back in February.

Amy was right, I needed to read this.

And I think other Christians need to read it also.

It is short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet, but very important.

Read part one here, part two here. Go ahead...it will only take a couple minutes.

And another article along the same vein that is short and not-so-sweet, that we also need to take to heart:
My Take: On Adoption, Christians Should Put Up, or Shut Up

Uncomfortable? Good. My work is done for today.

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