Colorado Trip - 2011: Our Little Pilots

On our first flight home from Colorado, the flight crew "oohed" and "aahed" over my four precious kiddos as we boarded the plane (see, I'm not totally biased, I'm not the only one who thinks they're way too cute!)...and then said, "Hey kids, do you want to go up in the cockpit?!?!"

And my kids said, "Um...let us think about it."

Just kidding.

They literally jumped at the chance...and into the cockpit!

And that is saying alot. Have you seen how tiny cockpits are? Even in big airplanes?

The pilot hopped up out of his seat so the children could actually sit in his seat...and wear his hat!

I was just thankful LK didn't push anything important!

And Elisabeth asked 1,000,000 questions (not. even. kidding.) and probably knows how to fly a plane now.

We now disagree with United's old ad campaign...we'll always think of Delta as "The Friendly Skies"!

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