Happy Birthday Jas!

On Thursday, my main man turned 38.

He said to me that morning, "Now you're no longer The Older Woman!"


Jas leaves for work before the children get up at 7 a.m. every morning. (Who coined the phrase "Banker's Hours"?!?!?) So, what is a family to do to celebrate their hubby/daddy's birthday???

We took the party to daddy at the bank!

As we unloaded the Silver Bullet, each child was responsible for holding something, because having a Birthday Party at the bank requires lots of Stuff.

Noah was holding all the balloons. The balloons we'd just paid $7 for at the store.

"WAS" is the operative word.

Here is the only way that daddy gets to see the balloons we had just painstakingly picked out for him:
(If you look real hard, near the center of the picture...you can see them!)

And after the Balloon Fiasco...we took our Surprise Party on into the bank.

Oh, I forget to mention it was a surprise?

Yes, but the surprise was on us.

Surprise: Daddy wasn't at the bank!

I called him on his cell quick (he was getting gas and was about to pick himself something up for lunch)...and he hightailed it back to his office.

In the meantime, we covered his desk in stuff (read: garbage) that he loves...

...and we hid some other things that he loves under his desk.

Here is daddy pretending to be surprised by all the chittlins under the desk (one of the reasons I love him so)

And then we took daddy out to lunch at his favorite place: Arby*s

And the party continued on that night at Lao Lao and Papa's house...

where daddy got his favorite...Pound Cake!

Happy 38th Birthday, Jas! I love you so much.

I love the way you make me laugh...
(I had no idea he was making this face while we took pictures - the rascal!)

...and I look forward to laughing with you for the rest of our lives!

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  1. Happy Birthday you old man! Ha, not really. Kevin and I still have you beaten by a long shot! :)

    Looks like you had a very wonderful surprise, especially those little darlings under the desk!

    Hugs from our home to yours,
    the Bourkes



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