Getting Ready: Help Please! What Else???

We got to eat lunch with Laoli today, and she and I had a very interesting conversation about our Lil Man and our preparations for him.

It was prompted by my sweet friend Melissa's offer of their high chair.


Do we need a high chair? I confess to being totally flummoxed. I have no idea.

While he will be our fifth child...he will be the only newborn we've ever had. In fact, the youngest child we've ever had was Elisabeth, and she was 13 months old when we first held her.

We have a couple of booster seats - like this one - that strap right into our chairs....so will we need a high chair?

This isn't a rhetorical question...I really would appreciate input.

So, you moms who have BTDT...PLEASE chime in.

And while we're on this subject....what else do we need?

Now, I'm using the word "need" very loosely. Do we need anything else to be able to raise this little guy? No.

But...what other baby products will make our life easier and make this little guy's life better?

A bouncy seat?

An excersaucer?

A playmat/activity mat?

A Johnny Jump-up?

A swing?

(Insert other "essential" baby item here)?

What couldn't you and your children live without when they were little???



  1. Joli,
    Yes, you do need a high chair IMO. I like mine because it reclines, so the baby can sit with you at the table (at your level) even if he cannot yet sit alone.

    Other needs...a swing would be nice, as would a bouncy seat. Everything else I would think would be optional. I do have a Boppy activity thingy which was handy. :)

  2. It has been 25 years, but I do remember using a swing with Ted and loving it. I would also recommend a high chair instead of just using the booster seat. They will work when your little one is older, though!

    They seem to have a lot more on the market now than when Ted was little and still he grew up just fine! Hee,hee!! The strollers they have now for infants are very cool in that the car seat can be put in it. Would save a lot of time when he is little.

    Aren't you just getting so excited!!??

    janet and gang

  3. I couldn't have lived without our bouncy seat, swing, and johnny jumper doorway thing. A lot of people I know love this: http://www.amazon.com/Bumbo-402-Baby-Seat-Blue/dp/B0007ORN7M/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1304628089&sr=1-1

    Happy shopping!

  4. Hi Its your cousin here! I just had twins! They are 3 months old, and YES you will NEED some things:

    bouncy seat
    swing a must have
    high chair, you can buy the small ones that sit on the chairs, saves space!
    MUST have loving arms to hold baby :)

    Good luck, I am so glad the Lord has blessed you so!

  5. Okay, I, too think you need a high chair. They are more secure for Lil Man until he is more stable sitting up, at which time a booster seat is better.
    It has been 20 years since my Navy boy was a lil man, but I used a swing for both Whit and Caleb...and love them.



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