A Boy After His Mama's Own Heart

I love to read.

Wait, that doesn't look emphatic enough: I LOVE TO READ!

I grab time whenever I can to squeeze in some reading. Non-fiction, Fiction, Magazines. You name it, I love it. I don't discriminate. In fact, I usually have at least one thing in each of those categories going at any given time.

After finishing up cleaning our lunch dishes the other day...I found this when I stepped outside:

Yes, Noah was reading while riding up and down the driveway on his bicycle.

Thankfully, we have a relatively long driveway!

And then, a little bit later, I found him like this in our kitchen floor:

If you can't guess from these pictures, Noah loves to read!

He and Elisabeth have both really taken off in their reading the past few months. They both now spend the majority - if not the entire time - of their nap/rest time in the afternoon reading.

While they're both doing really good in their reading ability and fluency...Noah just loves it more than Elisabeth. He is devouring books. Several months ago when they both finished the "readers" our curriculum had for them to read this year, I got the "readers" for next year (thank you, Sabrina!) and had them start working on the ones for next year. Noah is now on Week 34 of next year's readers. Yes, out of 36 weeks.

Thankfully, I've been collecting Reading Lists of great recommended books for the past few years. It looks like I'm going to keep the inter-library loan system busy!


  1. You have such cute readers!!!

    I would LOVE to see your recommended book list, if you have time to share. My kindergartener and 2nd grader are devouring books quicker than I can find them another one.


  2. Ah, Karrie - great idea! I need to put together a post about these lists I've collected!



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