Another First for Lily Kay

We are absolutely blessed with hand-me-downs.

Girl hand-me-downs. Boy hand-me-downs. Between our cousins and our friends...we are very well covered - and clothed!

But after going for our inaugural swim of Summer 2011 a couple weekends ago (with everyone wearing hand-me-down bathing suits)...I knew it was time...

Time to buy the girls some new swim suits.

So, on Saturday the girls and I headed out on a mission. And boy howdy, did the Lord bless our efforts!

I bought the girls 2 bathing suits each - Speedo bathing suits, for great prices (we were Maxxinistas, so of course the prices were great!).

And we bought new goggles for "all bodies" (as Elisabeth used to refer to "everybody" when she was little). Including the boys, who were happy to get something out of the trip that they didn't even get to go on.

As we headed into the dressing rooms at TJ Ma##....Lily Kay kept saying "Where we going? Where we going?" And it finally hit me...

She has never stepped foot into a dressing room in a store!

Wow. I was floored. But I guess that shows how much I go shopping. I shop for food. But hardly ever for clothes...not for me, not for them.

Lily Kay is over 5 and has just been in her first dressing room. I don't know whether to think that is great...or sad?!?!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, R&R are 6.5 and have only been in a dressing room a couple of times to "help" Morgan :)



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