My Friends

The Lord has absolutely blessed me with a wonderful group of friends. I've known that for years.

But I've had it confirmed over - and over - the past few days.

I've written and re-written posts in my head about why I have particularly needed my friends during this time (besides the obvious reasons)....but it will have to stay there, in my head. It's not all mine to share....

My dear friend Kris watched my four during my tests on Thursday. Add my four to her three...and you have a bunch of children having lots of (loud) fun. For hours. Add to that the lunch that she prepared for all of us...and the visiting time that she and I got to share after lunch (while the children played more!). To come away from 5 hours of testing...to all that? What a blessing.

And this weekend? OH, this weekend! More details to come soon...but Jas had been planning an over-night stay for us to celebrate our anniversary. He'd been planning this for weeks. He has never planned something like this before. He's been so excited it has been adorable. The only detail I knew was the town we're staying in.

And then...

And then last Monday our childcare fell through. The childcare Jas arranged weeks ago. (Why did our childcare fall through? Refer to part above where I say that I can't share everything...) I was sad...but mostly upset because Jas was so disappointed. It made me want to cry to see him so disappointed.

And then...

And then Wednesday as I spoke with my dear friend Melissa (who the children and I already had plans to visit on Friday) she jumped right in and offered to keep our children this weekend. But not just for one night. TWO nights! See, the town she lives in...it would be the same one that Jas had planned for us to stay in all along....SO, Melissa thought it just made sense for us to go ahead and let the children stay Friday night also! My children were beside themselves that they got to go play with Natalie, Neeleigh and Aaron all. weekend! Their little duffle bags that they packed themselves were all lined up and ready to go before they feel asleep on Thursday night...

And then today, during my cardiologist appointment, the children stayed with my dear friend Amy. Time with Emma and Andrew? Always a hit with my kiddos! And my sweet friend had lunch all planned out. What else...hot dogs! Because Mrs. Amy knows that they happen to be one of Miss Lily Kay's favorite things. Mrs. Amy happens to be one of Miss Lily Kay's favorite things...little wonder why!

I am one blessed woman.

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  1. Friends are such a blessing. I'm blessed to be able to call YOU friend! :)



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