I Love Dis

As we all sat in the floor playing a rousing game of Trouble together, Lily Kay sitting in my lap, she turned around and poked me in the...ahem, chest.

Lily Kay: "Mama, I love dis."

Me: (thinking maybe she meant my jammies) "You love my jammie top, baby?"

Lily Kay: "No" (poking me in the, ahem, chest...again.) "When I change bigger, I gonna get dis!" (translation: When I grow up, I'm going to get these also!")

Elisabeth and I looked at each other with big 'ol eyes...and then had a GOOD laugh. Lily Kay didn't really know what was so funny...but she played along and laughed heartily also.

I'm glad she's excited about her future prospects!


  1. So funny!! I thought my girl was the only one lol! She has been impatiently waiting for "hers" since she came home. She is 7 now and can't help with laundry without trying on any bra she finds. Today she wore one of her sisters under her shirt and tried to leave the house that way. She asks all the time how much longer - I am seriously afraid that when she does "get them" she will be so proud that she will go around showing them off!



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