Fun, Fun, FUN...with a side of not-so-fun

As always when I don't post for a while...it's because we've had so much going on that I just haven't had time!

Most importantly, my brother Jeff, sis-in-law Mandi, niece Reese, and nephew Davis have been here for the past week. They slept at my mom's house around the corner, and we've spent most of our waking moments with them having fun, Fun, FUN!

We all went out to Papa's farm to go fishing...

(No worms were hurt in the making of this silly picture)

...and we introduced Reese and Davis to our favorite bouncing place.

And Noah schooled Uncle Jeff on how to play fooz ball.

And we had fun with the air hockey.

And on Thursday we all loaded up and drove to see Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bernard...

...where we fished some more.

Friday night we all got to help celebrate Laura Kate turning the big 8!

(Having fun with cousins!)

And yesterday, after a yummy lunch at CFA...we went to a state park for a fun visit...

...that included close-encounters with snakes....

...and alligators.

Little alligators...

...and big alligators!

You probably couldn't tell from all the pictures and activities, but we're missing 2 days of the past week from this narrative...and those would be the not-so-fun parts.

Friday during the day, I had to take Lily Kay and Noah down to our children's clinic in a neighboring state. They each had appointments with specialists.

Lily Kay needs a medicine adjustment. Not bad. And another blood draw in just two weeks. Yuck.

Noah needs surgery. This time to repair an inguinal hernia (on the right side of the lower part of his torso, where his leg meets his torso). Yuck!

And on Saturday, I found myself in the ER...and then admitted to the hospital. Scary chest pain. Two episodes on Friday...and one on Saturday that hurt so bad it woke me up that morning (and I thought I didn't like being woken up by our alarm clock!).

Thankfully I only had to stay one night in the hospital. They checked urine, blood, x-rays, cat scan, etc. Everything looks fine. I'll be having an echocardiogram and stress test on Thursday.

I've been told...

It could be a valve issue.

It could be a stomach issue.

It could be a gallbladder issue.

It could be a stress issue. (But I don't feel stressed. Scratch that - I didn't feel stressed until my chest hurt so bad and felt so squeezed I thought I was having a heart attack! Now that stressed me a wee little!)

So, we'll see. I sure would appreciate your prayers.

So that is a summary of our week with Jeff, Mandi, Reese and Davis. They're in the air on their way home right now.

The kids are in mourning.

I am in mourning.

When can you come back???


  1. The title is so appropriate!

    We are praying for you, friend, and we'll add Noah and Lily Kay since they are facing some yuck stuff, too.

  2. Prayers for nothing serious ref. those pains. More then a WEE bit scary! :( Prayers for the next blood draw and surgery also :(

    Now, to lighten things up. Please STO-OP copying me! That's how my kids stay "stop"- two syllables, or three if they are really annoyed. Perhaps that's what your used to anyway, coming from the south and all. You keep me having to get more kids, you copy my van, and NOW you think you need to one up me on the heart issues! Mine is only a murmur that's been here a long time that the doc. thinks should be checked out just in case. Scheduled for Tuesday. You don't have to top that with unexplained chest PAIN! Geez!! I'll always let you win the "who can put the scariest food in a smoothie to give your kids" race...isn't that enough? Let's just call it a truce on the heart issues...I think the results all the way around need to be very, very NOT serious! Blessings friend, Jennifer

  3. Oh my word sister you had a busy week! Prayers for Lily Kay and Noah! Special prayers for you too - keep us posted! Love ya'll and think of you often!



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