Amen, Elisabeth!

This is what Elisabeth wrote in her notebook during "journal" time yesterday:

"We are adopting a little boy!" "He will be newborn!!" "I am so so excited!" "We're all ready for the little baby boy!" "We can't wait to bring him home!" FAITH HOPE LOVE JOY

Yes, Elisabeth likes exclamation points!!! (Don't all Drama Queens???) And - just like Noah - Elisabeth is enamored with quotation marks right now.

In addition to those technical observations - I happen to love Elisabeth's message!

In fact, all the children are that excited about the " 'Lil Boy " (as Daniel calls him). Noah and Elisabeth are excited because of the boy. I don't know that Lily Kay and Daniel totally comprehend what is going to happen and at this point they are mainly excited because the 'Lil Boy's impending arrival means that we need to buy a new (bigger) van...but that is another post...


  1. Isn't it incredible to watch the children's excitement with the plans of expanding a family. Our girls are equally anxious to meet their new lil one :)

  2. I'm rather fond of exclamation points myself; I must add, too, that such a message deserves exclamation!!!!!!!



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