Red-neck Christmas

I'm still catching up on blogging about things that happened two weeks ago...being sick really threw a wrench into my world!

But this...this is something that I couldn't possibly not post about...

Yes, that would be my guy - looking so happy and so proud - next to his dead 8-point. (I'm no photo editing wiz...but I knew enough to be able to cover up the bloody gunshot wound...no need to thank me.)

And we now have 17 more (2-lb) packages of ground venison in the deep freezer (I use it just like ground beef)...and that is the only reason I am half-way o.k. with all of this.

Jas went hunting with my dad late on Christmas afternoon (he left during the kids' naps). He called me and said "Can you and the kids come and see the deer I got?" I really did not want to see this, but he was so happy and so proud...there was no way I could say "no".

I planned for us to see it quick, and then come back home. I talked about it with the children on the way over...and prayed they wouldn't be too traumatized by even that quick look.

We totally stayed and watched e v e r y t h i n g. Everything. From the deer being skinned. To gutted. To... (I don't even know any more proper terms for what we witnessed).

It was all very interesting. We identified organs. We had a grand time.

And that? Just cemented in my mind that I was destined to be a homeschooling mama.

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  1. Oh, my...you ARE destined to be a homeschoolin' teacher!!! Please don't tell me you made smoothies out of anything you saw!!! (snicker). God bless, Jennifer



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