And That's No Bologna

We just received this book through our inter-library loan system:

As Noah and I peeked in it yesterday, we saw that in the opening pages it refers to a Bologna Sandwich. Noah had never heard of such.

HOW have I let my children live this long without knowing what a Bologna Sandwich is ???

Not that I love bologna sandwiches, mind you, but it just seems like my children should be exposed to them.

So, when I headed for a solo late-night trip to Walm*art last night, I picked up some bologna.

We tried it for lunch today.

Let me preface this by stating that my children love meat. We don't have sandwich meat often, so it is a treat for them. Either on a sandwich, or just rolled up with a slice of cheese...they love it.

But not bologna.

One by one, they each handed it back to me...after they tried handing it to one another.

No one wanted it.

Don't tell my dad...he may disown them.

1 comment:

  1. Oh good, I am happy to hear that your kids did not like it! When I was little, I was always getting beef bologna sandwiches in my lunch box. I finally had to tell my mom to stop making them! Yuck!!! Never had another one since I spoke up :)



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