A Different Sort of Birthday

Riley and his family came by this evening. We wanted to celebrate and commemorate a very special day in both our family's lives. It was one year ago today that my left kidney was transplanted into Riley's precious little body.

But "Anniversary" is kind of a hard concept for a just-turned 5-year old to grasp, so his brilliant mama Theresa came up with another idea: Riley calls today his kidney's birthday!

"Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy" is what they called it at Emory Hospital. I call it a miracle.

Miracle. From the way the Lord laid it on mine and Jas' heart to pursue the idea of the transplant...

...to the absolute peace we had during the months leading up to the surgery...

May 2010

...to His perfect timing. He arranged things perfectly (His specialty) so that we could have the surgeries and it wouldn't affect us going to China to bring Lily Kay home.

It is so good to take the time to remember what He has done for us.

The night before our surgeries

I hadn't thought about the surgeries in a while. A long time, really. But now I'm just sitting here, in awe of Him...again.

So thankful for how He worked so mightily on our behalf.

So thankful for the absolute privilege it was that He allowed me to participate with Him in helping someone.

Every time I see this precious face...every time I see his "muscles"...or see him "run fast" ("Watch this, Miss Joli!")...well, I just want to cry. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.
And now...I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with Riley.

Only the living can praise you as I do today. Each generation tells of your faithfulness to the next. (Isaiah 38:19, NLT)


  1. Wow Joli - that you could be up and around and healthy to go to China in January is also some kind of miracle! God is good!

    Hugs sweet friend,
    janet and gang

  2. I love this story! God is SO good!

  3. Absolutely Amazing! You're an amazing mom and an amazing friend. What an excellent example of faith.
    By the way, this also means that I have known you just about a year - it's our anniversary too :)



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