A peek at our lunch time

The other day, Noah was the first to finish eating lunch and said he wanted to read to us while we all finished eating.

He held up the book like this....

so they could all see the pictures while he was reading. I thought that was kind...and clever!

But I realize I am a little biased...I think that alot of things my children do are kind and clever.

I couldn't help but post this picture too...check out Miss Lily "Tay" Zibing (this is how she refers to herself):

What was she doing?!?!

Showing me that her "bewwy full" (belly full)???

Just showing her cute "bewwy button"???

Getting ready to wipe some hummus off her mouth with her shirt???

Also, check out her cute "spout". She has been coming to me in the mornings lately with a black rubber band and pointing to the top of her head. She is not satisfied if I just put a bow in anymore...it has to be a rubber band and then a bow, causing her still-short hair to stand up straight.

She loves it! And while I wouldn't have let my first daughter walk out of the house looking like this...Lily Kay is my fourth child and I have now seen the error of my ways about little things like this.

Well, either that...or maybe I'm just tired...


  1. I think Lily looks younger with the pony in her hair.
    I let me kids leave the house now without not having their hair in ponies or braids unless they ask me, I also noticed I am not as picky on the faces either after they get done...

  2. Maybe it's a little of both! :P

    You do have sweet, clever kids!



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