Park visit with Laoli

After taking care of some errands in another town (actually, a different state) this past Saturday, we found a park to play at while we ate the lunches that we'd packed.

But the kids didn't want to waste too much time eating!

They loved this very cool park!

It was not only cool...it was downright cold! We were right beside a river, and the wind was blowing and it. was. cold!

Guess who belongs to that hair and sunglasses...trying to stay warm behind the blanket???

Daniel loves to climb.

Noah loves to climb.

Lily Kay loves to swing.

Elisabeth loves to pose for pictures.

The geese helped us eat the lunch the kids were too busy to eat.

I thought it woud be cute to get a picture of all four children together on the slide.

I didn't think that was too much to ask.

Silly, silly mama!

This is the first one I took...not great.

But - as it turned out - I should have just stopped there...because things only went downhill.


But notice that Elisabeth is still smiling

Until all chaos really broke out...

And then Elisabeth got hurt. Time to stop!

Time to go home.

The kids hopped up on these as we walked to our van to leave...

Where was Lily Kay???

Over here...

pouting...because we made her get off the swing.

(It's a good thing we have swings in our backyard. But she thinks all of them belong to her...she comes whining to me, in Chinese, if anyone else dares get on them!)

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