Laoli's Birthday

Laoli recently celebrated a birthday.

And boy, did we ever help her celebrate...from dawn to dusk!

The day started with us meeting Laoli for breakfast at our favorite local haunt. The children had been busy making cards for Laoli AND the three oldest had insisted on each buying her gift cards to Walmart with their own money.

(I can now report that Walmart requires you to put a minimum of $5 on their gift cards in order to purchase them.)

SO, way excited about the cards and presents they were armed with, the children wouldn't even let Laoli get out of her car before they bombarded her with hugs, kisses, well-wishes, cards and presents!

We had a yummy breakfast (I didn't make it, so of course I thought it was yummy) and a great time!

The fun continued at supper that night. Papa had arranged for all of us (we let Papa and Daddy come to this part of the day's celebrations) to go to supper at a local seafood restaurant that Laoli's sister and brother-in-law own.

Laoli and her older, I mean wiser, sister, my dear Aunt Sheila (the children called her Cheeda when they were younger...we were all sorry for that to end)

One of the fun parts about having a birthday supper at a restaurant owned by family is that your said family can obnoxiously parade through said restaurant, tooting horns and such, in honor of said birthday! Who's going to complain???

"How many cute children does it take to help Laoli open birthday cards???"

Lily Kay had so much fun...she got to spend lots of time with her two favorite people (besides mama and daddy, of course):


and Papa!

And while there were 6 candles on one side of Laoli's cake and 1 on the other (and she claimed that meant she was "Sweet 16")...I will leave it to you to decide what order those numbers go in.


  1. What a fun time you all had! What a fun way to celebrate a special person's birthday!

    Janet and gang

  2. You have such sweet, thoughtful children! Happy birthday to your mom :)

  3. Very fun!! Happy B-day, Mrs. B!!



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