Big Heart

I have to admit it...I wondered if Elisabeth would remain enthralled with the idea of sharing her room (her toys, her brothers, her parents, etc...) with a new little sister, after reality set in.

That was a complete waste of time.

And I should have known it would be.

Our precious Elisabeth has always been a great big sister...from the moment she first became one at the tender age of 28 months.

In fact, it was Elisabeth who first brought up the idea of us adopting a little sister, back when she was 4 years old. When she told Jas and I, we told her that she needed to "talk to God about that." (We were feeling kind of overwhelmed with our 2, 3 and 4-year olds at the time, thankyouverymuch...could you tell by the tone of our response?)

After that, she would tell people that she was "praying for a baby sister."

Well, Elisabeth definitely had God's ear (as we all do).

And now that she has her little sister, do you think she's satisfied?

Not our little Elisabeth.

She waited all the way until, oh....Beijing on the flights home...to ask us when we could adopt again!

And she's mentioned it (with tears in her eyes, I might add) since we've been home..."I just want us to adopt again!"

We have NOT told her to talk to God about it yet!


  1. You have a very special girl on your hands....I am sure she is a reflection of what she sees everyday. You should be proud!! :)

  2. Aww so sweet! I love sister bonds!

  3. What a sweet girl!!! Hum....paperwork for Bulgaria is proving to be much easier then China. If Elisabeth starts mentioning this country, you know where to come for information!! :)



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