Lily Kay - Day 6

LONG Day = short post

Reader's Digest Condensed version:

The 4 of us went to an aquarium. Lots of fish, "mermaids" and performing seals = fun

Last lunch at "dumpling restaurant" in Fuzhou = yummy!

One 3-year old cutie + one 6-year old cutie = too much cuteness

Lily Kay Zibing = doing better and better all the time

Evening flight to Guanzhou, DELAYED - becomes even later evening flight to Guangzhou = NOT fun

Finally crawled in bed at the White Swan Hotel (YAY!) at midnight - and now we're home for the next 7 days!

Entering Aquarium

Small scuba man dancing with LARGE turtle - that was a new one for us

One of the "mermaids"

One very talented seal

More New Year's decorations

MORE New Year's decorations

Feeding a friend while we are all waiting at the airport

Reading the safety instructions...just in case...

The best picture Lily Kay took today

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