Lily Kay - Day 11

Besides going to the Guangzhou zoo today, I don't have much to report...so I wanted to take this opportunity to share some miscellaneous tidbits of info:

Zibing has “Bye-bye” down pat, and knows when it is appropriate to say. She is, however, having trouble keeping “teeth” and “tee-tee” straight!

We've probably learned more Chinese since we've been here, than she's learned English, though. For instance, Zibing has taught us how to say “pass gas” in Mandarin. “Fang pi”, in case you're wondering. She's very fond of saying it...and accusing everyone around her of it! She totally cracked up the teenage waiter at our restaurant last night, when she said it a little too loud at our table. He hung out close to our table after that (I think looking for more laughs), and then she kept telling him “Bye-bye!” and waving at him.

We are totally going to have to work on table manners when we get home. Zibing smacks big time. Never been told not to, we assume. We've been trying to work on it, showing her real exaggeratedly how we close our lips while we eat. She tries to imitate us...but still has her lips open. OR, sometimes she thinks we're puckering up and looking for a kiss! So we get a kiss out of the training session, which is not a bad deal - but the smacking is still there!

It is a very good thing we're leaving soon, because Elisabeth apparently hit her “China” expiration date today! We have seen more tears and heard more sassiness today than practically all the other days combined. She has been a trooper though, and all things considered, I think she has weathered these past two weeks like a champ.

We will be very glad to get back to regular potties in the US! While Zibing is a pro at squatty potties, Elisabeth and Mama are...well, definitely not pros.

It has been hotter here in Guangzhou than we anticipated, and we've all been wearing newly purchased t-shirts the past few days. (Actually, I've been “borrowing” Jas' new shirts, because I needed to buy new t-shirts like I need a hole in the head!)

Only 1 more full day here in China – and then we get to head home!

(For those of you who've asked: We arrive back at 10:50 on Friday night. And yes, we would love to see any of you at the airport who want to make that late trek!)

At the Guangzhou Zoo

I'm not showing pics of real animals because they're too pitiful
Minority Dance at Zoo
Watching Minority Dance
Still watching minority dance
Cheesin' while watching minority dance
A proper place setting

Our sweet-and-sour chicken tonight
"Assorted Vegetables"

Zibing showing off her tricks: "shui jiao" ("sleep")
Posing to show us how she now covers up when sneezing or couging (YAY!)
"Shhhh!" (she hears this often when we're out at restaurants)
Zibing's "Mock Surprise Indignation" Face

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