Daniel - Day 8

Hello all,
This is Jason and I’m taking a turn at posting today.  It is now Wednesday morning for us (just two full days to go, woo hoo, and one really long Friday to travel, not so woo hoo).  The last couple of days have been fairly relaxing. 

Monday was a day for paperwork.  I spent about an hour and 45 minutes with our group doing forms for the US side of things that will let Daniel enter the US.  As it stands right now, he is our son according to the Chinese government but he is still a Chinese citizen (with a Chinese passport) and requires a visa to enter the US.  However, once Daniel steps foot on US soil he will become a US citizen.

Monday afternoon we went to McDonalds, it is truly amazing that you can be halfway across the world and the fries taste the same.  McD’s is about a 20 minute walk from the hotel and we had to cross two busy streets to get there.  On the way back from McD’s we stopped at the local park, it’s really more of an exercise park than a playing type park.

Speaking of busy streets, Joli and I have both commented to each other that the traffic doesn’t seem to bother us as much on this trip as it has on the previous two.  It’s still crazy lane changes and pedestrian/bicycle dodging but I think we’re getting used to it.

After our trip to McD’s we went to the pool.  Daniel has started using his swimmies and a ring just like his big sister and brother.  Now that Daniel has discovered this new form of independence, he swims around the pool all by himself and gathers up the leaves that have fallen in and gives them to Joli and me.  In the mean time, Elisabeth and Noah have decided that they are big enough that they can forego the ring and just use their swimmies. 

Tuesday was a ‘at our leisure’ day.  So we did some shopping, napping and swimming. Pretty much the same routine we have everyday, just with no paperwork. 

Just a couple more days and a couple more appointments and we will be on our way home.
Thank you for your prayer support, it has really helped our family transition.


At the park

"Hanging out" at the park

Exercising with Lao Lao

"Check out my new shades"

"We're too cool."

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