Daniel - Day 3

I will give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.  Ps 7:17
Today was a day of many more new “firsts” for Daniel Phillip XianSheng!

- He and Noah took a bath together this morning, and from his reaction, it appeared to be his first in a tub.  What won him over was that we brought some stacking cups in there and when he saw Noah having so much fun with them he finally sat down and joined in on the fun!

- All six of us went down to the pool this afternoon.  Daniel was not too sure about it at first and even pointed to the side (I think he wanted out) but I just kept going – and he ended up having a blast!  We were in for about an hour and a half and we heard so many laughs from him during that time!  Of course, realizing he could splash was a happy discovery!  Again, having E and N tooling all around in their swimmies and 20” swim rings and laughing LOUDLY had to have helped Daniel to see that a pool can be a great place. 

- He is apparently becoming more comfortable with us (Hallelujah!) because we saw our first meltdown today…and our second…and our third.  Complete with throwing things, straightening out his body, stomping feet.  His orphanage workers told us the other day that he was “shy, but could be very naughty.”  While I hate to see him upset, this is totally to be expected, of course (HE IS TWO!) and I feel so much better prepared for us to handle this than if he were our first child.  (Lao Lao is very distressed by the whole thing though – she is such a softie… and that is why I was apparently very naughty as a child myself!)  Elisabeth sometimes becomes upset when Daniel does, but it doesn’t seem to phase Noah much.  His prescription for how to handle Daniel’s crying on the floor: “Wrestle him, Daddy!”  Apparently, wrestling covers a multitude of sins!

- He said bye-bye and waved!  (No matter that it was aimed at the empty breakfast table, he’s brilliant!)

- He’s gone to the potty!  In deference to Daniel’s privacy, I will save the additional (trust me, they’re funny) details!

- He has his first pair of squeaky sandals – HE LOVES THEM!  And Noah loves his new ones also!  The sneakers that we brought for Daniel are none too big (he loves them anyway), so we thought we should get him some new shoes and these are a big hit!

The only official business we had today was picking up Daniel’s “Red Book” Adoption Registration Certificate and then going to the Police Station to apply for his Chinese passport.  We were now supposed to have the next five days “at our leisure” with nothing planned.  But, thankfully, our guide has been able to arrange for us to visit Daniel’s orphanage, and we’re scheduled to do that on Friday.  We look forward to asking them some more questions about Daniel, getting pictures of his crib, his favorite “carers” (caregivers), etc. and then pictures of other children at the orphanage whose parents are just waiting for the go-ahead to come bring them home!  We were so blessed to have 4 families take pictures of Daniel for us during our 7-month wait…it meant THE WORLD to us!  We also have care packages for these precious children from their parents (who should all be coming in the next couple of months now, Praise the Lord!). 

Your e-mails are so encouraging and such a blessing to us!  Please keep up the prayers!

In Him,

"Just what is SO funny?"

Simply Precious

Playing with Lao Lao, babbling away

"Check out my sneakers!"

Gotta love that bath!

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