Elisabeth - We're Home!

Well, we're home! After 4 separate flights, 36 hours, and two sunrises, we are back to our own beds. Elisabeth is a travel champ! She fussed a little bit on the flight from Chicago to Jacksonville; and cried the last 10 minutes before we got home. Other than those two episodes we did not have any problems at all; thank you so much for your prayers concerning our travel. We each did get to sleep some on the flights, but it is not like sleeping in your own bed. We were very fortunate that all five of us were able to sit next to each other on all four flights.

Our flight from Chicago to Jacksonville ended up being delayed about 2½ hours due to some bad weather south of Chicago, and the plane needing new brakes. (We were not happy about the delay, but new brakes seemed like a good thing!)

We did have something new happen in Chicago (during our 4 ½ hour layover) - Elisabeth let us hold her hands and she would `walk' with our help!

We had a wonderful group of friends and family meet us at the airport. We were not expecting this since our flight was delayed from arriving at 11:00 pm to 1:30 am. The whole group had on red shirts and were holding banners, balloons and MORE gifts for Elisabeth! It was an absolutely amazing welcome home! It was great to walk off the plane and be able to see so many familiar (if crying) faces!

And THEN, when we arrived home, there was a stork announcing our new daughter perched on our lawn! We also had multiple banners hanging up in our carport, and all sorts of wonderful food gifts waiting for us on our kitchen counter and in our fridge. The Lord has truly blessed us with great friends and family!

We would like to thank each of you again for your prayers and e-mail support. This has been a wonderful experience for us and we know that your prayers have helped us bond as a family and adjust to the big changes each of us is having to make.

We will post another update in a week or two to let all of you know how things are going and what new things our precious Elisabeth is amazing us with!

Walking in Chicago

Meeting Papa for the first time

Our Welcoming Committee

The Stork has landed!

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