Two Surgeries: Jas...and Noah

 I mentioned in the Miscellany Monday post that two of our peeps have medical stuff going on.

Here is the scoop:

Jas had shoulder surgery on Thursday.

 To be more precise, he had a repair of the Right Labrum.  He tore it five years ago.
We knew exactly when he did it.  But we didn't know how bad he had hurt it...not that it was torn.

But it had start hurting worse.  And it was affecting his neck on that side.  And then the past few weeks when Jas would move just right (meaning: just wrong) it would almost drop him.  It was horrible to watch...I can't imagine how it felt!

I cannot believe how well he has handled all this.  He has really been a trooper.

He was a more tired than normal for a couple days post-surgery...but that is about it.

He wasn't trying to be a hero or anything, but 24 hours after the surgery he cut his pain meds in half...and stopped taking it altogether about 36 hours after the surgery.  (They gave us enough for him to take it every 6 hours for FIFTEEN DAYS!  wha?!?  Thankfully, our sheriff's office has a place to drop unused prescription meds.)

The "Iceman" has been a wonderful tool.  It is a little cooler that is hooked up to tubing and runs to pads that fit on his shoulder.  It circulates ice-cold water around his shoulder to help with inflammation.

He has a follow-up appointment with the doctor next week...and then it will be determined if he needs physical therapy or not.  Some people do, some don't.  I'll be real surprised if he needs therapy.

 Jas trained us to feed the cows and chickens, but he was back at it about three days after surgery.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if LK ended up doing something in the medical field, either with people or animals

Now Noah....

On Wednesday, all the kiddos and I headed down to the state south of us for Noah's annual Electro-Physiology appointment (the "electrician" for his heart).  

Short story:  It is time to replace the battery in Noah's pacemaker.  This means a surgery and an overnight hospital stay.  This also means...Noah is very anxious.  

He had his pacemaker inserted 7 years ago (in April).  We've known all along that this day would be coming, and he has honestly been anxious about this for years.  He is my little worrier.  Just like his mama.

But here it is.

And he is not looking forward to it...to put it mildly.  

It has actually helped that Jas just had his surgery.  But only a little.

We just found out this morning that his surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 20th.  

I think we're saying all the right things to him.  And he knows (pointing to head) that - technically speaking - this surgery is no big deal (especially compared to the two open-heart surgeries he's had), but his heart hasn't figured all this out yet.  

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