Sunflower Field - 2015

Some of our fellow church members plant a field a sunflowers behind their house every year...just because.  And when the flowers are in full bloom, Mrs. R gets the word out that NOW is the time to come take pictures!  Don't need to call...just come.

And so, we did.

I took almost 200 pictures.  It is h-a-r-d, HARD to get a picture of all six kiddos looking.  And smiling. And not swatting gnats.

This is the best picture of all six kiddos...

...and I like it and plan to print it out for a frame in our family room.

Here are my favorite individual pictures of the older five kiddos.  (I'll have to catch Abigail next year, when she can stand by herself!)

Here are some other pictures that I think are just really sweet (I really have some precious kiddos, if I do say so myself!):

Noah asked for pics of he and A together

I wish this wasn't blurry, and E wasn't all in front of LK...it is cute

I'm happy with what we ended up with...but, WOW, it took some doing!

These are pictures that will NOT be going in frames, if I have anything to say about it:

Yes, they are all LOOKING in this picture, but I'm pretty sure A is asking, "Waz up?!?"

And the grand finale:  While G is quite the rascal these days, he honestly didn't know he was doing this:

 Perhaps these sunflower pictures will be an annual event now!

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