Well, she did it.  Technically, they did it.  Our Ansley has gone and gotten married!

We all had so much fun at Ansley and Mark's wedding Saturday night.

Noah said it best this morning, "I still can't believe our Ansley is already married!"  (Like he's a fifty-year old man or something (which is what he acts like quite a bit).)

I know, I know, Noah...just yesterday, all of you looked like this...

...and then this:

(sigh)  Wow, time flies.

The ceremony was beautiful and so special.

And then, the reception was beautiful also.  And FUN!!!

First, we met this sweet young woman, who took a liking to our children...

Look at A sacked OUT!  M must be a "baby whisperer"
...and they liked her right back.

 I had a great time talking hair with M (who has been transitioning to "natural" for a year now).

And then the dancing started, which my kids loved!

E loves to dance...the other bigs love to watch!

 And the next thing I knew...

...M was bringing G out onto the dance floor!

He had a big time.

He was in his element.

M's mom - whom I also had a wonderful time talking with - leaned over to Jas near the end of the evening and said that we were "going to have a much older daughter-in-law."
Done!  It's a deal!  We need to book this place for about 20 years from now!

G takes his dancing very seriously...

...until he doesn't.

Ansley asked the 8 of us to step outside for her photographers to get our pictures with her and Mark. As soon as they snapped the shots, I looked around for G and he had taken off like a SHOT back into the dancing.

When I stepped back inside, I found him firmly planted right smack in the MIDDLE of the "dance circle"!

You know what a dance circle is?  Where everyone circles up around one person who is really showing off their moves...while everyone cheers them on.

You know...the kind of dance circle you couldn't pay this girl a MILLION dollars to get into the middle of.

I hope he always "dances like no one is watching." I hope all my children do.  (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

And then I wish they'd teach their mother to do that also.

We love you, Ansley and Mark....and pray God's blessings over your marriage.

We count it a privilege to have watched you grow into the beautiful woman you are, Ansley...and can't wait to watch you in your new role as a devoted wife, working alongside your husband to bring glory to His name!

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  1. Now wait a minute...I thought G was already spoken for ;) Seriously though, he looked like he might have stolen the spotlight. Love that kid.



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