Noah is Eleven!

So Noah has gone and turned eleven.

Chippyye helped him open the other children's homemade cards and gifts.

LK "wrapped" her gift inside an old Palm Pilot case that I bequeathed to her.  She loves this thing, straps it to her waist with a shoe string and wears it everywhere...so she made sure to tell him that it was not part of his gift and he needed to give the "wrapping" back.

Our little saver/planner wanted from us - yet again this year - money.

Noah had been telling me for, well...months, that he wanted to go back to the car dealership on his birthday (ever since we went there for his adoption day in October).

It was a nasty, rainy-ish day...

...but we persevered.

Well, some of us did....

Elisabeth offered to stay in The Silver Bullet with Abigail. 

Taking pictures of the "sticker"

Noah had a great time.

The seven of us (Daddy had an out-of-town meeting) headed to the local big Chinese buffet place.  (This was the first time they'd been there since we started GAPS almost 1.5 years ago.)  This place loses money on my kiddos.

And then for supper, Noah had requested wings.  We love our daddy who will hang out in the cold and rainy evening (at least he was in the carport) and grill 15 pounds of wings for us.  Yes, our family loves us some wings!

We sure love this boy, and the young man he is quickly becoming.  We are so blessed to be his parents!

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