Cardiologist Appointment...for Gabriel???

I had a hard time deciding on a title for this post.  Some of my alternate ideas were...

God Orchestrates Amazing Things


No Such Thing As Coincidence(s)

or, my personal favorite....


Short Version: Noah had his annual cardiologist appointment on Friday.  He had his normal EKG and echocardiogram...

....and everything looks good.  Great even.  So. very. thankful for this!   Thank you, Lord!

That is normally where my posts on Noah's annual cardiologist appointments end.  Now that his open-heart surgeries and pacemaker implantation are behind us, these appointments are usually just routine and "boring" (And I totally mean that in a good way!).


Longer version:  I had to take all six children to the appointment.  

(This is where Abigail hung out:)

We saw a different cardiologist this time because I got lazy and took the first appointment they offered me, instead of making sure that our regular cardiologist was scheduled for that day.  (I now see the Lord's hand in that "laziness.")

Gabriel was laying with Noah on the hospital/exam bed when the cardiologist was listening to Noah's heart.  She was good with the children and offered to check G's heart also...to be funny/sweet.  G was thrilled at the prospect.  I took this cute picture of the moment:

Right after I snapped that picture, she said, "Hmmmm...he has an innocent murmur."  While I didn't like the sound of that, the "innocent" part kept me from getting too concerned.  

And then she kept listening.  

And then she moved the stethoscope around to G's side...and kept listening.  

And then to his back...and kept listening.

And kept listening...and kept listening.

And when she finally stopped listening, she said that the murmur "radiated" around his body...and not vertically, as she would expect.  And she wanted an echo done on G when Noah had his done in a few minutes.

?!?!?!?!?  Now I became concerned.  

When the echo tech finished the echo for Gabriel....

....and the doctor walked into the room, the tech told her that G had an "Aneurysmal Atrial Septum."  I did not like the sound of that!

And then the tech and the cardiologist went back and forth with more looking and discussing (our other cardiologist does this looking and discussing in another room, so I've never been privy to this before).... lots of terms tossed around and the doctor kept saying, "hmmmm......hmmmm....I see...."

Finally she looked at me and smiled and said, in her Romanian accent, "He has...nothing!"

While that sounded good...I sure did want to better understand what all the terms they'd thrown around meant!

She took us back to our original exam room and she drew this picture...

....and explained what is going on with Gabriel more thoroughly.  

It turns out that the Foramen Ovale in Gabriel's heart did not close at birth as it should have.  So he has a Patent Foramen Ovale.  He actually has two "tiny" holes.  (Noah thinks it's neat that he and G have a PFO in common....although Noah had other heart issues in addition to the PFO.)  

The doctor went on to explain that about 30% of adults walking around have this condition.  The doctor assured us it is no big deal, just good to know.  It is something that will require special attention if G ever scuba dives...or gets pregnant. :)

Our regular cardiologist has looked over the echo also and they both agreed:  Not an emergency....but bring G in for a follow-up when Noah goes back for his next appointment.  (And Dr. E also threw in there for me "not to stress about this."  Ummm...does he know me or what, after almost 10 years?  I'm so much better than I used to be...but I am still a recovering worrier.)  

I am still sitting here shaking my head at how everything played out at the appointment. All the weird little things that had to fall into place for us to find out that G has this going on.   The doctor herself, as she left the room, said, "It is neat how God works things out sometimes."  Amen!  I heartily agreed!

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  1. Wow! What a blessing to know about this, even if nothing ever becomes of it. That is so great. I just LOVED seeing his little brown belly as he's laying on the table with the stethoscope. It is so unbearably cute! One of my little just turned four and this is right where he's at too. They are just. so. adorable. I love your crew . . . my fellas regularly ask if we can go to your house and meet you guys. :)



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