Noah Cracks Me Up

Noah is a smart, smart boy. And he loves to read, mostly non-fiction (much to his mother's chagrin). He remembers big words when he hears and reads them…and he likes to whip them out and use them whenever possible. He doesn’t always get the words exactly right, and I find it simply adorable when he doesn’t!

Noah has had a rash of funny things come out of his cute mouth lately, and thankfully I started jotting them down.


We have been on a kick lately of reading books by William Pene du Bois ….thoroughly enjoying his very imaginative fiction work. After we finished reading one book, Noah had this to say about the names of the two main characters, “Their names have bad condonations.” (connotations)


When one of my other older children asked about an organization raising money, Noah answered that they were working to raise money to “...improve their felicities.” It took me about 5 seconds to catch on that he was meaning to say “facilities.”  He and I had a good laugh!


When Abigail began fussing about something the other day as I held her in the kitchen, Noah came over and was playing with her and trying to distract her and piped up, “She sure is getting opinionative.” When I asked him to repeat himself, he must have gathered that he had it a little wrong, so he said/asked, “Opiniated???” Close, buddy…opinionated!


As we all sat around the table talking after a meal, I explained something about the body (can’t even remember what now, which is why I must record anything I want to remember). Noah was fascinated, and said, “That is good geology!” What?!?!    I said, “Do you mean ‘Anatomy and Physiology’??” He said, “Yes! THAT is what I meant! What is geology???”


And then sometimes – instead of acting like a 40-year old - Noah is just a fun and silly 10-year old boy:

After helping daddy get the new hay bale feeder set up, and the hay rolled off the truck bed and into the center of the feeder...

...Noah jumped on top of the big round bale and declared for all the world to hear: “I AM KING OF THE HAY HILL!!!”


and finally....

When the resident car lover gets a hold of the family calendar...

...you may end up celebrating Mr. Enzo Ferrari's birthday!

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  1. Bwahahaha!!! Love it, Noah!! Those are great! And good taste in cars! Let's go look at the crazy imports one day when you are here!!



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