Our 9th "Noah Day"

We recently celebrated nine years with our not-so-little Noah.  NINE years.

Noah Day - 2014

Noah Day - 2007

The First Noah Day - 2005

Much like birthdays around here, the special one gets to pick what we do and/or eat.

What Noah wanted to do involved cars.  Of course it did.

So we drove to a large local car dealership (they sell everything except Fords!)...and Noah had a heyday!

Noah has been studying and studying these brochures he brought home

"When I graduate from college I want to work for GMAC or work at a car dealership and be exposed to alot of cars.  Then when I'm about 35 I want to help design cars for Ferrari, Honda, Mitsubishi or Toyota, because it is fun for me and I like doing it...and I think I would be really good at it.  My other option besides designing cars would be to own a car dealership and sell Hondas or Toyotas or Ferraris because those are my favorite makes.  If I owned a car dealership, I would give my family some discounts on the cars I sold them."   Noah (age 10  3/4 years)

Noah has been talking about buying a Prius for ever....

...but now lately he has begun saying that he may want his first vehicle to be a Honda CRZ:

The first car on the left is a CRZ, NOT to be confused with the accords behind Noah - Noah made me say this

His reasoning?  "Because the Honda CRZ is cheaper and looks more sportier."

Noah even asked Jas and I this morning how much we think he'll have to pay for car insurance every month...you know, so he can start planning.  

Noah's love language is "Cars", so we did our best to speak to him that way on his special day...because we love this boy oh-so-much!

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