An Entrepreneur, An Eternal Optimist, and some Harsh Reality

Noah is turning into quite the little entrepreneur.

He went birthday shopping with Papa a couple months ago (a tradition the children have with my dad on/near their birthday:  lunch with papa, and a trip to wally (with a budget!)).  Noah was ecstatic to find a display where some Cars 2 figures had been marked down.  The picture my dad painted later has Noah practically upside down in this big middle-of-the-aisle display with his feet up in the air, digging excitedly for bargains.  I know that can't be true, because my Mr. Noah is just way too dignified for that.  But he was excited enough about all this that there just might be some truth to it.  

With his birthday money he purchased 4 of one particular model - Trike Feldman - with the idea that he would open one and play with it...and sell 3 of them on Ebay.

Well, since we move at lightening speed around here (ahem), he and I just now got around to listing them on Ebay several days ago.  We took pictures, and walked through the listing process together, with him making the decisions about how to list them (bid?  buy-it-now option? free shipping?).

We did one listing for one day, one for 3 days and one for 5 days.  We took our first trip to the post office yesterday and mailed a car to the winner of the first auction.  

Noah is having *so* much fun with this.  Being a guy who loves cars and numbers...selling cars on Ebay is a winning combination for him.

And he is definitely coming out in the black on this deal.

Every year about this time, I suddenly become an optimist (I - unfortunately - am normally quite a pessimist).

I have a huge black thumb.  And I'm cheap. Put those two things together and it means I don't like to spend money on annuals.

Except.....I so **love** to look at them...and so I broke down and bought some at our local little hardware store on Saturday:

They make me smile every time I see them.  And since the children and I are sharing responsibility for watering them daily (and it's not just up to me) I think these actually stand a chance of surviving for a while.

I expect big things from these coleus...

...I've had some of these before and didn't kill them quite as quickly.

Also on Saturday, we finally got our garden put in.

Squash - not sure if this one is zucchini or yellow...the kids wanted to do an alternating "pattern"

Actually, we've only got the plants put in so far.

We still have seeds to put in the ground.

Cucumbers, that will soon have this rigged up trellis system amongst them:

Of course Pinterest was my inspiration to repurpose some of the picket fence sections
we took down, to use as a trellis system

So far we've planted: cucumbers, zucchini squash, yellow squash, bell peppers, three types of tomatoes.

Seeds still left to plant:  beets, radishes, lima beans, green beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins, acorn squash.

Some of this stuff we've never, ever tried before...we shall see!

I mentioned last week that this garden area is many times bigger than what we've had before (20?  30 times bigger? I'm so bad at estimating).  What we've put in so far looks so paltry and lonely out in the garden right now.

At the other end of the garden area, we have a nice crop of grass growing back in (grrrrrr)....

....where we did NOT spread grass seed.

And in the pasture where we DID spread grass seed....

...nothing. Zilch.  Nada.

During the week and a half after we (ok, Jas and Dad) planted that pasture, it rained about 12 inches here.  12 Inches!  Watering is good for seeds...flooding is not, apparently.  The seeds either washed away, or rotted in the ground.  Either way, we're going to have to try again.

And I found out from Jas last night (after he and dad took a dismal trip out to the pasture to evaluate things) just how much that big 'ol bag of grass seed cost.  And will cost again when he has to go buy another one.  sigh

After dad helped us plant that pasture 2.5 weeks ago, he said, "Now y'all are farmers!  Pray for some rain."  Apparently we prayed too good.  

One of our first doses of reality of life on a homestead.  Blechhh....I don't care much for reality. 

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