Noah's Newest Favorite Snack

Noah had some deep thoughts running through his mind this particular day, as we worked together in the kitchen...

Noah:  "The bad part of GAPS is that I can't have some foods that I like - like mac-n-cheese.  But the good part is that I've figured out some new foods that I didn't know I liked before we started GAPS!"

The most recent "new food" that he was specifically talking about in that sentence?  Kale Chips!

I've seen many Kale Chip recipes floating around, and I'd even pinned some myself, but I'd never actually made any.


We went to our last co-op pick-up last week and our coordinator Debbie gave us a big bag of organic kale, straight out of her own backyard.  I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it!

I made the first batch, and a couple days later Noah asked if he could make the second batch.  And he wanted it to be a big batch.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Cut the leaves off the thick stem.  (I used kitchen shears, but Noah ended up pulling them off by hand...he said this was easier.)

Wash the leaves in a colander, and shake or pat dry.

Tear or cut the leaves into 1-2" pieces.

Next, place the leaves (in batches) in a bowl and toss to cover with melted coconut oil.  (Some recipes suggest using olive oil, but I save olive oil for cold/unheated applications - like homemade mayo - and here's why.)

Spread the leaves out in glass casserole dishes.  Generously shake some sea salt on there.

If you like cheese (and who doesn't???), shake some parmesan on the chips also.  Noah made two pans with cheese, one with just salt.  Both. totally. yummy.

Bake for 15-20 minutes.  Note: Make sure they are crispy enough before you take them out of the oven.   The second time we made them we may or may not have been so anxious to get into the chips that we didn't leave it in there for quite long enough.  Still yummy.  But they are just even better when they are crispy-crunchy!

All five pans (combined) of kale chips that we've made have been eaten standing at the counter, right out of the pans.

Ravenous wolves:

Well, o.k., some of the chips did make their way onto a tray:

G loves them every bit as much as the rest of us do!

While some people like sweet stuff...Noah has always been a salty chips kind of guy.  And now - finally - we have some "chips" we can feel good about him eating!

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  1. Yummy!!! We'll have to try this, thanks! Hugs to all our "buddies!"



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