Noah is Double Digits

Dear Noah,
The day you have talked about forever finally arrived, and you are now officially "double digits."  How did that happen?  Just yesterday you were that precious little 20-month old that I got to hold for the first time in that stark Chinese office.  

While you weren't so sure about me (or any of us), I - on the other hand - knew immediately that I was in love.  

You captivate me.  You challenge me.  Your capacity for learning and applying new knowledge - both academic and spiritual - is a joy to behold.  Your interest in - and subsequent recall of - the world around you, is amazing to witness.  

Your love and interest in your "littlest brother" have - I believe - surprised even you.  The Lord has used him to grow you in ways that nothing else could have.

This too is a joy to behold.

I was surprised (in a good way) by a recent action you took, and you reminded me that you needed to "look out the interest of others, and not for your own interests." (Phil 2:4)   Amen, Noah.

Cling to that, Noah.  Cling to the truth of His word.  Live it out.  

Spend your life looking out for others interests.  Be broken bread and poured out wine.  Oh - how it will make Him smile.

And - in the process - it will make you smile too.

We are so thankful and blessed, Noah, that we have front-row seats to the Lord's work in and through you.  We love you so much, buddy...and we are excited at the young man you are becoming right before our eyes.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NOAH!!!!! HAPPY DD BIRTHDAY DUDE!!! So I guess that would be a triple D!!!!



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