2 Reasons

Noah: "Do you know the two reasons I love homeschooling?"

Me:  "No, buddy...why?"

Noah: "Number 1...we each get to work at our own level." (this coming from the boy who is a whiz at math and is working ahead of his grade.)

Me:  (nodding in agreement) "Yes, that is definitely one of the great parts of homeschooling."

Noah:  "And the other reason...is that I get to bring my blanket."

(sigh)  Melt my heart.

Oh, how I love these kiddos.  And I love that they love their blankets.



  1. Anna Kate just said the same thing this past Wednesday. She is thankful that she can be home because she can work at her own level. She struggles in math and is a little sensitive to what other kids her age say they are doing in math. I said, you know levels don't matter so much as long as you are always learning and always increasing in what you know. It made her feel a lot better. How thankful I am to get to homeschool my kids.

    Susan E

    1. Hey Susan...good to hear from you! Yes, I have a child who is "behind" in math. So thankful that we can work exactly where each child needs, exactly when they need it!

  2. Very Well Stated Susan E.... My little guy also faces some challenges in school, and he tells me all the time.. I just love school mom.. Wonderful words to hear each and everyday!!!! :-)



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