Dreaming? Planning?

Noah has been working away at something.

And while it could appear that he is working on schoolwork, that is not the case.  This is a labor of love.

He is making very big and important - weighty - decisions.  About his car.

Yes, his car.

Yes, he is 9-years old.  But he has a birthday coming up in a few weeks, and he will be turning 40, thankyouverymuch.  

Noah has known for a year or two that he would like a Toyota Prius.  He talks about them alot.  He makes sure to point them out on the road when we pass one.  Which is often.  And now he has D and LK spotting them too.  (I never realized how many of these little buggers there were on the roads before.)

If you're not familiar with a Prius - like I wasn't - here is a picture of one:

The above picture is, Noah tells me,  a Prius V.

When our homeschool group went on a fieldtrip to a car dealership several months ago, Noah was pretty much in heaven.  He now thinks he may work at a dealership when he grows up.

Also during that fieldtrip, Noah scored some Prius brochures.  These things have some mileage on them now.

That little car right there?  That is Noah's first Prius...but not his last.

Noah was concerned for a while that he would not be able to drive a hybrid like a Prius, because of his pacemaker.  You can imagine his relief when he found out that having a pacemaker will not preclude him from driving a Prius.  phew!

Noah has this to say about which model Prius he wants:  "Either a Prius V or a Prius Hatchback.  Maybe the hatchback because I like it...and it's cheaper."

Noah can tell you what color Prius he wants:  "In the Prius V, the Clear Sky Metallic.  In the Prius Hatchback, Sea Glass Pearl."

And Noah can tell you which amenities he does NOT want in his Prius:  "I do not want light cleaners... that sounds not good."

Noah just informed me this morning that instead of the plans he had mentioned wanting to do on his birthday, he now wants us to go to the dealership and "get details".   What kind of details?  How much they charge for a new Prius and how much they charge for a used Prius.

Alrighty then.

Be still my heart.  Oh...how I love this precious boy-man of mine.

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