Our 8th "Noah Day"

Eight years ago we walked into a government office in China as a family of three, and walked out a short time later as a family of four.  

From the first moment I saw your precious face on my computer screen (several months before I saw it in person), until today - your heart, your intelligence, your strong-willedness - you, Noah, have grown me and stretched me.  As a mother.  As a person. As a Christ-follower. 

You continually amaze me with the things that come out of your mouth, the things you are thinking and pondering.  I have always referred to you as my little boy-man.  It is very easy to forget that you are 9-years old...and not 49.  But then something will happen that brings it back to me. A couple days ago, after we'd all just finished reading the biography of Cameron Townsend together, you said that you felt like God may be calling you to be a linguist missionary, translating the bible into the heart language of an unreached people group somewhere around the world.  And then a few hours later you said that maybe, instead, you wanted to be a famous soccer player.

Noah, I pray for you.  I pray that you know - always remember - how wide and high and deep is the love that Christ has for you.  I pray you feel that in your very depth.  I pray that you hold on to the faith and excitement you have for our Savior.  He has plans for you....good plans.  

I am so blessed to be your mama.  And I am so blessed to have a front-row seat, as we discover what His plans for you are.  


  1. Amen! Noah, God has already used you in such amazing ways, handsome boy! We are so thankful God allowed us to share life with your awesome family! Happy Noah Day! I hope you all enjoy this weekend! Much love, the S family!

  2. He IS a very special young man. One of a kind for sure and we love him to pieces.



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