A Beach-Inspired Parable by Noah

Tonight as we ate supper in the condo, Noah looked up and shared this insight...

"I've been thinking about how the beach is a parable.  It's like the devil is the rip-tide and he's trying to get you away from the umbrella - or where you are staying, which is on the beach - and that's your heart, and that's where God is also.  And he's trying to get you away - maybe like with some friends smoking  or something like that - and he's just trying to get you away from your relationship with God and you're fighting back - you know how at the beach you fight back against the waves - and God can be your lifeguard sometimes, well, all the time, if you accept Him in your heart and trust Him. Like you can trust the lifeguard to save you if you're drowning, you can trust God that He'll get you if you ask Him for help.  It's just a lot easier if you don't struggle without Him, and if you ask Him into your heart."

Amen, Noah.  Amen.


  1. So precious. Can't wait to see all that this man of God accomplishes in his lifetime.
    Love y'all,

  2. Bless him! Wisdom beyond his years! That is just awesome and thank you for sharing!
    We love y'all!

    Heather B



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